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Special Malvani Masala is one of our trademark recipes. It consists of a number of ingredients which gives the traditional taste of Malvan. One can easily use it for more than a year as all the products are homemade. Be it veg and non-veg recipes, the masala will give that additional punch. 

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Malvani cuisine is world famous for its authentic taste. It has a unique blend of spices and aroma which passes flavoursome experiences from the platter to the stomach. 

What makes the food special is the variety of spices used in non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes and the method of cooking. Fish and meat dominate the Malvani kitchen. 

We have some of the best masala that can light up your tastebuds. One that stands apart is our traditional Special Malvani masala which gives the original taste of Malvan. Delicacies like Kombdi Vade, fish fry, and even vegetarian dishes can be prepared easily with the masala. 

A total of 17 ingredients has been combined to prepare the mix and maintain the richness the food provides. Prepared in home conditions, we are pretty sure that the special masala will provide an enchanting experience especially for those who are outside Malvan. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Preferably in an air-tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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