Lal Mirchi Powder

Organic Red Chilli ( Laal Mirchi ) Powder Online

Indian households rely on Mirchi powder for almost all recipes. It gives a special aroma and flavor with a distinctive taste. Malvani Cuisine is famous for its spicy flavor. If you need to get that drive of spice, order from our platform and we assure you to be overwhelmed.

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Buy Red Chilli Powder From Malvanikonkanbazar

Indian spices are incomplete without the mention of Mirchi powder or Laal Mirchi powder. It gives a distinctive spicy touch to the dishes and also the aroma.
We use homegrown Laal Mirchi to transform it into powdered form. Special care is taken to use some of the best fresh chillies.
After drying in favourable home conditions, they are ground to perfection to give the right amount of spice.

Chilli powder in its purest form has a lot of health benefits. Most of the Konkan dishes have a spicy flavour and Mirchi powder is inevitable in preparing the dishes, be they vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Go the natural way is our mantra and that keeps intact our roots which help in understanding the needs of our customers. What’s stopping you to get the authentic taste, order some of the best chilli powder from Malvani Konkan Bazar.

Preferably in an air-tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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