About Us

A Note From The Founder:

Having the coastal beauty Konkan as the hometown, luscious Alfonso mangoes were the best part of my childhood.

Learning from father and uncles how mangoes are cultivated and now taking its legacy ahead, I feel proud and emotional. Malvani konkani is one of the very few organic mango cultivators who is sharing the pride of Konkan with everyone with all devotion and love.

Every year thousands of mango cultivators bring mangoes to you and feed you chemically injected mangoes in the name of satisfying your early cravings. But how fair is it to compromise on your health? And that too for hogging that does not even please the taste buds.

As someone who has seen mango trees being close to the hearts of its guardians, I know it’s not just physical input that goes into the making of a healthy, delicious and vigorous fruit. It’s also the emotional bond that brings in such fruity pleasure.

I wish to share the same with thousands out there who crave the organic taste, emotion and mango love!

     – Aditya Juwatkar

Why Choose Us

Pleasing your mango madness!

Every mango that you eat from Malvani Konkan is nurtured with love of Konkan soil and sunlight. For us, mangoes are our babies, and that is how we handle and treat them.

The coastal region of Maharashtra has had a geographical heritage of Alphonso mangoes, especially in the Devgad district. The delicate texture, the eye-candy sunshine yellow-red colour and succulent pulp of Konkani Alphonso mangoes are to die for.

Malvani Konkan family is spread across Devgad, Padawan, Wada and neighbouring regions. Each mango garden has parental care can by some of the local families who have the same gratitude towards mangoes as us.

Unlike the case with artificially grown mangoes, organic mangoes are grown with organic infusion and biologically active fertilizers. Such mangoes are naturally grown and hence are bigger in size and more delicious in its taste.

Reasons To Buy Alphanso Mangos

* Hand-harvested
* A combination of healthy and tasty
* Naturally larger and pulpier
* Premium quality yet not extravagant
* Made with love and gratitude