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Garam is hot and masala refers to spices. We at Malvanikonkanbazar offer some of the best flavourful masalas that will spice up your kitchen. It can be used to enhance meat and fish dishes. Use the correct spices to live a happy life and no other place to order better than here.

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Garam masala is a blend of spices that enhances the aroma and taste of various dishes. It has become a household item in most parts of India.
Originating in the northern part, it has entered homes in the south, east, and west. Garam refers to warm/hot and masala means spices.

Preparation methods vary from place to place. Malvani spices are rich in flavor that is hard to find in other regions of Maharashtra.

We use 14 ingredients to prepare the masala.


Among the most common spices used in garam masala are cinnamon, peppercorns, cardamom, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, cloves, mace, and nutmeg.

Our aim is to maintain the richness of the spices that makes the dishes mouth-watering. Masalas have generally a shelf life of 6 months but if stored properly, they can be used until 8 months to 1 Year.

Most of the fish and meat dishes can be enhanced with the special masala including vegetarian items.

Preferably in an air-tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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