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Fish is an integral part of coastal cuisine. Make your fish deliciously mouth-watering with our special masala that will light up your taste buds. Be it fry or curry recipes, we assure to offer the authentic taste of Malvan.

Relish the taste of Konkan from the comfort of your home.

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Food served with love correlates to a happy tummy. We at Malvani Konkan strive to deliver everything with a pinch of homemade love.
An integral part of Indian cuisine is fish which is predominant along the coastal region. Spices add a delicate touch that enriches the tastebuds. Malvan cuisine and the masalas have a legacy of their own.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing the authentic experience by providing one of the best fish masalas from the region. Our special fish masala will provide the right amount of spice one needs to get that bona fide taste of Konkan.
Homemade masala and no usage of coloring agents are some of the qualities which make us confident of the product we bring for you. Our aim is to give you a taste of Konkan at your doorstep.


Malvani Special Fish Masala is used to make fish curries, fried fish, and other Kokan Seafood recipes like Bangda fry, Prawns masala or Surmai curry (Popular along the Konkan coast), and Paplet Saar are some of the fish delicacies common to the households of Maharashtra.


Preferably in an air-tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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