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Maharashtrian Malvani cuisine is incomplete without the Chicken and Mutton dish, which has its roots in the Malvan region. No dish is complete until the spices blend into it in every corner. Spices enhance the taste especially in chicken and Mutton dishes. We are proud to bring to you the authentic Malvani taste through our Chicken / Mutton masala.

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The aroma and taste of an Indian meal served in an authentic way is fascinating. India has diverse cultures and food is an integral part in showcasing varied forms of diversity.
Malvani non-veg dishes is one of them and definitely an eye catcher. It has all the delightful flavours of the coastal region.

Typically, the spice quotient is more compared to other parts of Maharashtra and that is what makes it stand apart. We are pretty sure of delivering the undisputed taste of Malvan with our special Chicken/Mutton masala.

It is prepared by blending 18 ingredients using traditional methods and in a homely environment. Malvan Chicken/Mutton dishes are mostly slow cooked and use of spicy masalas is what makes it so tasty.

All our products are quality checked to ensure the original taste one should experience.

You will feel at home if you are far away from your loved ones. Be it chicken fry or curry, one would not be disappointed. Make your Sundays special with some good food by ordering MalvaniKonkanbazar unique Special Chicken/Mutton masala.

Preferably in an air-tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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