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Known as Halad in Marathi, it is one of the most commonly used household item in every Indian Kitchen. We use fresh and organically cultivated turmeric with no compromise on the quality. You can find some finest quality of Haldi powder from malvanikonkanbazar and reap the benefits of a trusted product.

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Buy Organic Haldi Powder From Malvanikonkanbazar

Referred to as Indian Saffron, turmeric is used in every Indian Kitchen. It is mostly used as a spice in curries.>/span>

Known as Halad in Marathi, turmeric is also known for its health benefits and is an instant immunity booster.
It is helpful to cure cough, cold, aids in digestion, remedies liver problems.
Promotes weight loss, treats wounds.
Improves cardiac functioning, reduces pain.
Efficient cognitive functioning, enhances skin etc.

Due to this, there are many in the market who may use additives or other agents before delivering it to the consumer.

We at Malwani Konkan use fresh turmeric to produce Halad powder keeping intact its authentic aroma and freshness along with its medicinal properties.

We would always want to use trustworthy products which give a homely touch. Sometimes it becomes tough to decide which is that product. We assure you to deliver the same with our homegrown turmeric.

Preferably in an air tight jar or package. Try to avoid moisture content.


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