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The Gir Kesar, famously known as Kesar mangoes is one of the tastiest mangoes of western India. They get their name from the color mangoes, that is, bright orange. you can be booked your order online of Kesar mango 


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‘Queen of Mangoes!’ That’s what they are called. The Gir Kesar, famously known as Kesar mangoes are one of tastiest mangoes of western India, They get their name from the colour mangoes, that is, bright orange. 

The Kesar mangoes offered by us are grown organically using quality-approved farming materials. This pulpy fruit has a special place in the mango family because of its attractive puppy orange colour, delicious taste and good shelf life. 

You can easily buy Kesar Mangoes online to get the best summer treat for your tastebuds. Many people also use it to make different mango flavoured cuisines and desserts. Or you can go raw and relish its taste on the tongue. Since it’s famous for being tender and succulent, you can also store it in juice form and cherish for many months.

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