How are Mangoes Cultivated at Malvani Kokan?

If we looked back a few decades ago, mangoes would always be available during May, June, and July. However, today we get mangoes at the start of summer, and its standard size has become smaller over a period.

The naturally cultivated mangoes take time to grow and hence are generally available at the end of summer.

Most importantly, we leverage fruits during the summer, but the caretakers of mangoes work throughout the year only to offer full-grown, pulpy, and delicious mangoes to you.

The Malvani Konkan family does not use any chemicals to grow mangoes artificially. Instead, organic material such as cow-dung, nim, and other such factors are used to cultivate mangoes.

Additionally, we take adequate plant protection measures required in organic farming. We do not pluck mangoes unless they are fully grown on the tree. After our crop management is done, the big, fully grown green mangoes are finally stored for packaging.

While they travel to your door-step, the mangoes are fully ripened, gradient red, yellow-green full of juicy pulp ready to be served!