Tukda Cashew

तुकडा काजू – Buy Tukda Cashew Nuts Online

You can buy Tukda Cashew online from Malvani Konkan Bazar easily and make enticing culinary items. Tukda Cashew contains cashews being broken into 4 pieces.

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Tukda Cashew carries various nutrients such as antioxidants, oil, dietary fibre, etc. With so many nutritious values being present, the split cashew, commonly known as ‘Tukda Kaju’ helps in the overall nourishment of the body. Along with antioxidants, selenium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and so on. 

You can use and Buy Tukda cashews nuts online in a variety of culinary items that can be served for breakfast, snacks, dinner, or even dessert! Tukda cashews are especially used in soups, Indian sweets, meat stews, etc. 

Adding tukda cashews in your diet improves your digestion system, teeth and bone health while it also maintains metabolism in the body. 

Usage instructions: store it in an air-tight package or jar.

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